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What our Clients say

Pramet Jain

My personal experience has been amazing with Healthzia. I had done a 15 day program with them and there is visible improvement in my neck and back posture. I had a bad posture for around 5 years and with consistant training given by them, my posture has improved alot. If you are experiencing with the same problems, go ahead without a doubt. The exercises are effective and helpful.

Sanika G

We regain and restore health', the tagline of Healthzia, is indeed true. I joined a 3 months course of Yoga, posture therapy and diet. Before I joined the course, I was suffering from severe pain. But as the course began, I got better and my pain reduced. I gradually started losing weight. The diet plan given was very easy to follow. The doctors are really very friendly and co-operative. No matter what kind of pain you may be suffering from, they make sure that you return with good health. I am grateful to Healthzia for showing the right path of living a healthy life!!!😊

Suchita Dandge

I especially love Healthzia Healthcare. Doctors of Healthzia really took their time to explain my condition with me. I had a great visit and the doctors really put me at ease. So I highly recommend this clinic. I had severe pain 2-3 years due to cervical spondylisis. After visiting Healthzia, I got 90 percent relief within 5 days. I sincerely trust them and appreciate their care they showed to me. I must say they have a deep knowledge and experience in their field and it will help each and everyone.

Rekha Shinde

It was very good experience with Healthzia. I took my 11 years old to clinic for workshop for kids. His heel pain was gone on 2nd day of workshop. Overall swelling or fluppyness on body also gone(which was there due to in activeness during pandemic)

Prajakt Kulkarni

Healthzia is definitely your first destination if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, heel pain, sciatica pain etc. Was suffering for the same from quite a long time. At healthzia under Dr. Jaysheela's guidance all my pains got cured. She is a good person and an excellent doctor.The clinic is very clean and staff is very friendly.Highly recommend Healthzia healthcare.

Vijay Tapas

Healthzia Healthcare is working under the dual leadership of Dr. Dipti Potdar and Dr. Jaysheela More since last three years. The dedication, knowledge, perfect diagnosis, decipline, remarkable understanding of human psychology and very very effective medicines are the pillers of Healthzia's success story! Two wonderful mothers are not simply correcting postures, but they are aimed to correct every patient's life. It's my experience, it could be yours too!

Ashitosh Khire

The treatment provided by Healthzia is quite unique and helps quickly. It helped me with posture correction and backache. The homoeopathic medicine provided along with the remedial postures are also quite effective. The doctors are very well experienced and always take a holistic view of the patient's situation before prescribing treatment. Highly recommend.

Meenakshi Galagali

Thank you so much Dr. Dipti & Dr. Jaya. Before meeting you doctor, I had severe dizziness, acute joint pain, backache and neckpain but after undergoing through your unique postural therapy & perfect diagnosis & medication, I'm able to lead normal routine. This treatment is helpful in improving your physical as well as mental health & I highly recommend it. Thank you so much doctor to you & your entire team, best wishes for your future.

    Our Lifestyles Have Changed From


    Spending most of our days on our feet.


    Spending most of our days sitting down

    Humans evolved to stand upright and move around Our sedentary

    lifestyle is leading to

    • Poor Posture   
    • Hunched Backs   
    • Dropped Shoulders  
    • Exerts uneven pressure on a misaligned Spine.   
    • Back
    • Excess Weight  
    • Poor Nutrition
    • Lack of Exercise
    • Exert excess pressure on Back
    • Knees
    • Ankles
    • Poor Posture   
    • Hunched Backs   
    • Dropped Shoulders  
    • Exerts uneven pressure
    • on a misaligned Spine.   
    • Back

    How does Poor Posture lead to Chronic Pain?

    Deviations from proper posture (hunched back, imbalanced hips, rotated feet etc.) cause muscular imbalances and exert uneven pressure on various parts of the body.

    These imbalances COMPOUND over time and lead to painful conditions like:

    Healthzia's Posture Therapy

    HealthZia’s Posture Therapy is based on the premise that the human body has a functional standing anatomical position in which the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned horizontally and vertically


    Healthzia’s Posture Therapy consists of a 12-15 day Postural Correction process designed to improve posture and find relief from the chronic pain


    The team at Healthzia analyses each individual patient and their posture to see how their body is currently positioned, and how it deviates from the norm.


    The team at Healthzia analyses each individual patient and their posture to see how their body is currently positioned, and how it deviates from the norm.


    A customised treatment plan is prepared that includes exercises, yoga & nutrition to be followed during the course of the therapy

    The effects of these imbalances are accelerated by 

    events that exert significant stresses on the body

    Posture Therapy

    Specialised Yoga